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Women Building with Intention Network is a place for ambitious women

who crave more out of their life and business while staying true to who they are

when creating their impact on the world!

These women:

* Make intentional actions to explore personal growth for personal and professional purposes.

* Desire to make their contribution to the world by fulfilling their purpose.

* Understand the value and magnitude of self-improvement to increase their impact.

* Identify with doing the work to create a change in themselves increasing their quality of life.

* Subscribe to the notion of evolving for a higher quality of living.

* Apply knowledge and take action.

* Long to expand their reach and influence.

Why am I asking for your information?

I'm going to nurture you inside the group

and build a network of confident and intentional women.

I want to make sure I provide a space where you can be true to who you are, build your confidence, yet be vulnerable and supported by other women who have the same vision while building their business.



I'm sincere and intentional. When I ask you what's going on, it's because I've been lead, see something or haven't heard from you. I genuinely want a response, it means I'm trying to support you. So please respond.


We have so many demands on us and it's not all roses building a business. I am providing a safe, positive, judgement free zone to share what's going on with the intent for support. What goes on in Women Building with Intention, stays inside WBWI!


I am an equipper that's what I do. Not all of the trainings I offer will be free. If I don't hear from you I don't know what you need. So participate, speak up!


I expect you to be active in the group so we can get to know each other. I need you to participate, support, and refer other women. If you haven't noticed you can't build your business alone! You know you don't like doing it alone ALL the time anyways!

Who this group isn't for!

If you are a freebie seeker. Negative person. Lurker. Type of person who won't respond to me when I'm sincerely inquiring how things are going. This group isn't for you.

For those of you who are ready to build your confidence within by joining me inside Women Building With Intention. I want to gift you a resource full of information that will help you in building your business!

I'm so excited to have a place to gather women who can give and receive encouragement to help others become the best they can be! Please share your journey, encouragement, inspiration and get to know each other & how to help each other.

Thanks for being and making a positive impact!

I reserve the right to change the group's guidelines and remove any member who does not adhere to the group's guidelines.

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